About Us

Personal finance magazine to help consumers live a successful money life.

MoneyBasicsU.com is an online magazine published by Millcreek Media Group, Inc. (MMG).  MMG, Inc. is a publisher of online educational content to help empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional money lifestyle goals.

MoneyBasicsU.com magazine is designed to offer a variety of learning experiences to our readers.  You can review article and video shares via the Money Tips on the Web and Personal Finance News categories, select specific topics of interest, interviews, checklists, or research a subject that applies to a money situation in your life at the moment.

As of January 2016, we are nearing 1,000 blog postings on topics related to banking, personal finances, business, entrepreneurship, and careers.  Many provide in-depth discussions including “homework” and references for additional reading from leading authorities, publications, and organizations.

The magazine was founded by Melissa Newton in August 2012.  She is President and Editor-in-Chief of Millcreek Media Group, Inc. and serves as Managing Editor of MoneyBasicsU.com.  Her professional career was in the banking industry before pursuing her work with MMG, Inc.