Melissa Newton’s Bio

Melissa Newton of magazine at Oak Brook Shopping Center mallMelissa Newton is President and Editor-in-Chief of Millcreek Media Group, Inc., a publisher of online educational content to empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional money lifestyle goals.  She is a financial literacy advocate and recognized as a leading personal finance researcher, author, speaker, and Managing Editor of, a personal finance online magazine.  Her professional career was in the banking industry before pursuing her work with MMG, Inc.

Melissa is a prolific writer authoring white papers, articles, and books on money matters. Some of her works include 5 Reminders for Money Smart Living, 7 Simple Steps to a New Money You, Money Smart Kids for the 21st Century, Princess or Pauper: Are Women Securing Their Financial Future?, The Fiscal Cliff:  Are Your Money Safety Nets Ready?, and Look Smart, Be Smart: How to Create a New Image for a New Job. Her free ebook Money Saving Tips for College Students was released in October 2015.

MMG, Inc. launched its MMG money guides line in 2015. The MMG Guide to Banking Basics for International Students is already in its second edition, released in January 2016. The MMG Guide to Banking Basics for College Students was released in January 2016 as well.

MMG, Inc. will also launch its Own Your Money Life Campaign for 2016, a financial literacy initiative to reach the 20 million college students in the U.S. The MMG money guides and Melissa’s Money Saving Tips for College Students  was part of a successful campaign.

Melissa believes in the strength of partnerships in bringing the message of financial empowerment to young people and adults alike.  She has partnered with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for its annual Money Smart Week initiative.  She is a member of the Illinois JumpStart Coalition, a state partner with the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy in Washington D.C.  She has utilized various financial literacy curriculums in presentations including the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Money Smart for Young Adults.

Melissa was also an active member of Toastmasters International over the years achieving her certification in the Communication and Leadership Program and won numerous speech contests including first place in the International Speech Contest. Melissa served as president and a speech mentor at the community level.

For relaxation, Melissa enjoys photography, painting, piano and activities offered at The Art Institute of Chicago, The Morton Arboretum, and The Naper Settlement.

You can check out an interview with Melissa at MMG’s ebook distributor Smashwords here!  You can also visit Melissa at LinkedIn where she has published a selection of posts including 5 Banking Tips for International College Students,  Career Mistake That May Leave You Unemployed: No Plan B,  What College Students Can Learn About Money from Warren Buffett, and Why Students Need Financial Literacy in College.