Melissa’s Talks

Melissa Newton speaking Blogging for Business workshopA customized talk or workshop that
motivates and empowers her audiences!

Melissa Newton is President and & Editor-in-Chief of Millcreek Media Group, Inc.  MMG, Inc. is a publisher of online educational content to empower individuals to achieve their personal and professional money lifestyle goals.  She is also Managing Editor of magazine and recognized as a leading personal finance researcher and personal finance blogger with nearly 1,000 blogs published. Melissa is a prolific writer also authoring white papers, articles, and ebooks.

Benefits of Booking Melissa
• Interactive with audience to engage and motivate
• Provides achievable actions for immediate and measureable results
• Customize content to audience
• Offers strategies to work smarter, not harder for success

Ideal Audiences Include
• Business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups
• Colleges, universities, and libraries
• Professional women’s organizations
• Chambers of Commerce, Park Districts
• Professional associations and services
• Not-for-profit organizations

Melissa’s Signature TopicsMelissa-Newton-Presentations

Program #1Blogging for Business:  How to Create a Winning Blog Post!     
To establish your professional brand, you need to blog!  Learn from a professional writer how your business website blog or personal LinkedIn posts are created and integrated into your marketing strategy.

• Design a schedule and select topics your targets will read and share to leverage your social media
• Develop a blog post using methods Melissa has designed for non-professional writers
• Implement best blog writing practices including format, images, keywords, and “call to action”
• Learn tactics to repurpose blog posts into other promotional collateral

Program #2:  How to Achieve a Well-Planned Money Life:  Smart People Research!
Financial security at every stage of a person’s life requires planning and research.  We all want to know the facts to take command of our financial decisions.  In her Investment and Retirement Module, Melissa shares what every person needs to know to create a secure money future.

• Learn what savings and investment vehicles are in the marketplace
• Obtain top resources to craft the foundation of your investment and retirement plan
• How to perform your due diligence on investments and developing a retirement plan
• Tips to avoid fraud, scams, and how to select and work with an investment or financial advisor

Note:  Melissa can customize the content to be age and audience appropriate.  Here is an example: the financial goals of millennials  will be different from mid-career or retirement age individuals.


Melissa’s Signature Topics for College StudentsMelissa-Newton-College-Students

Program #1:  Money Saving Tips for College Students
Based on her FREE ebook, Money Saving Tips for College Students, parents and students alike learn the best tips and strategies for saving money as a college student.

• Learn money saving tips in 16 lifestyle categories
• Develop a strategy to apply ideas for your budget, housing, student loans, school supplies, and more
• Discover the three money life principles money smart consumers use
• Learn the secret to saving money on student loans while in school

Program #2:  Banking Basics for College Students
College students have to begin managing their personal finances the day they start college.  Understanding the basics about banking from selecting a bank, opening a checking account to saving money on bank fees, is a way college students can achieve their money lifestyle goals as a student.

• Learn how to research and select the bank that fits your money lifestyle
• Discover the best practices in managing your bank accounts and to avoid fees
• Understand the fine print use of debit cards and simple strategies to avoid credit card debt
• Learn the secret to saving money on student loans while in school


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“Melissa Newton presents material in a friendly, easy-to-understand way that is engaging and encourages the audience to ask questions.  My patrons thoroughly enjoyed her program, and gained strategies and resources.”
Kristin Sanderson, Elmhurst Library

“Your Blogging for Business presentation was perfect! I was hoping to tap into your expertise on blogging to help other small business owners understand how to have an impact in their marketing using a blog. Combining a blog into an overall integrated marketing communications program is essential to building a brand image and you nailed it in your instruction on how to repurpose blog posts into other promotional material. Thank you for an upbeat and encouraging approach to blogging that connected with so many of our NaperLaunch members.”
Kent Palmer, Business Librarian, Naperville Public Library