How to Save Money Understand Paycheck

How to Save Money by Understanding Your Paycheck

What you don’t know about your paycheck may hurt you.  It’s your paycheck that is funding your money lifestyle.  Do you have a solid understanding of how many hours you actually work compared to what you are paid?  How does your compensation compare to the market?  Understanding the details of your paycheck is doable.  Check out the five ways to save money by understanding your paycheck.

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 How to Save Money on Vacations at Home

How to Save Money By Vacationing at Home

Sun and surf.  Mountains and trees.  What is your favorite place to imagine going for vacation?  It sounds wonderful until you check your savings and find it short of funds.  Just because your budget doesn’t accommodate a trip out of town this time, no worries!  It’s time to see what there is to do in your neighborhood, surrounding towns in your county, and city.  Discover the five ways to save money by vacationing at home.

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The Paradigm Shift to a Research Culture

Melissa Newton discusses how we have become a research culture on just about every topic imaginable.  Whether researching the best ways to save money on a major purchase to where to go on vacation.  The Internet and access to information has forever changed the way consumers can manage their knowledge and money.

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