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10 Ways to Cut Bank Fees10 Ways to Cut Bank Fees

Money smart consumers have to participate in the banking system.  Your job is to find out understand how banking works and discover the ways you can save your bottom line.

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10 Steps to Get Out of Debt10 Steps to Get Out of Debt

Dealing with debt can be overwhelming.  The money smart consumer has to employ a sensible strategy to attack debt and get rid of it.  Only then can you free yourself from the stress of debt.

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Top 5 Gov and Org WebsitesTop 5 Gov. & Org. Websites

The Internet is brimming with numerous websites and resources to learn about money.  A good place to begin learning some money basics facts are from government and certain organization websites.  Melissa Newton always recommends to readers these top five websites.

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10 Ideas for StaycationsTen Ideas for Staycations

There are times when staying home for a vacation is the best option.  But, where do you begin to know what to do?  Check out Ten Ideas for Staycations to get your creativity juices flowing.

Make certain and read our article How to Save Money By Vacationing at Home in our Articles category!  We share five ways to save money while enjoying a holiday in your own back yard.

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