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Money Smart Kids 21st Century

Melissa provides a brief discussion regarding the importance of introducing financial literacy early in a child’s education process.  With globalization and the exponential growth in technology, students require the knowledge and tools of handling money matters to ensure a successful financial outcome as an adult.

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Princess or Pauper: Are Women Securing Their Financial Future?

The financial security of women is in jeopardy.  Women face unique situations in the different stages of their lives as compared to men.  Younger women are falling short in their savings.  The most significant challenge for women in the twenty-first century is access to time to even think about whether their financial position is a secure one.

Melissa provides enlightening statistical data and discusses the 12 top issues impacting women.  It’s time for women to take control and turn the tide of disturbing statistics and make adjustments, if necessary, to re-pattern their money choices to ensure their years before and in retirement are spent in financial security.

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