Christmas Money Savings Tips for 2015

December 8, 2015 | By More
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Money saving tips for Christmas shoppingLast week we re-visited some safety rules at the shopping mall in our Post Holiday Shopping: A Review of Safety Rules at the Shopping Mall.  Today, we want to provide some article shares and links to past Posts to provide you some Christmas money saving tips for 2015.  Let’s face it; the Christmas holiday is a lot more enjoyable when you can find ways to save money.  Christmas shopping is also less burdensome because you aren’t worrying about adding debt to your credit cards. So, let’s begin with just two ideas to jump start your Christmas holiday savings!

Idea #1:  E-newsletter instead of Christmas cards
Sending out traditional Christmas cards seems to be fading away, at least from what I’ve seen.  When I left corporate, very few holiday cards came from vendors.  As for receiving Christmas cards in my personal mail, it’s not like it was some years past.  Why?  People are too busy.  People don’t want to spend the money.  And friends, this even includes the photo holiday cards you can produce online and pick up at the local corner Walgreens or CVS.

Have you considered sending an e-newsletter through a free service like MailChimp?  Not so traditional, but you can create a new tradition.  Plus, look at these money and time saving benefits:

√  Up to 2,000 emails, the service is free.
√  You can customize your format to suit your interest.
√  Provides an easy opportunity to share facts and news about your family and work accompanied by photo images.
√  Once you have your database of emails uploaded, you can actually send important announcements and notes to family and friends year round.

Using a technology application like MailChimp can be added to your list of ways to save money for the holiday season.

Idea #2:  Basket Gifts from the Dollar Store
We want to revisit our Post A Shopping Idea for a $1.00 – Really!.  If you’ve got a really tight budget, with a little creativity you can save a bundle by Christmas shopping at stores that sell every store item for $1.00.

What you find at these stores gives you terrific ways to save money, but loads of ideas for kids, vendors, hostess gifts, “white elephant” gifts, and much more.  In the aforementioned Post, we outline details about the following gift baskets:

√ Saturday evening at home
√ Bake night with the kids
√ Relaxing time at the spa
√ Projects for kids
√ Christmas wrappings and decorations

Christmas shopping doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money.  By finding places to cut costs can help your bottom line without compromising the gifts you give to friends and family.

In closing, below is a list of links to other Posts on you will find valuable when it comes to money saving tips for the holidays.   Check these out:

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We hope you find these money saving tips and ideas for Christmas shopping and overall holiday spending helpful.

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