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April 24, 2013 | By More
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Woman with bags and a piggybankThe other day I was reviewing a “Resources & Websites on Money” document I used to use at table events to share the message of financial literacy.  I was always amazed at how popular that document was with attendees.  As a writer and researcher, I guess I sometimes take for granted the resources I have accessed for my work.  Even during casual conversations with people, when they find out I’m a personal finance writer, they’re quick to ask me for recommendations on books or websites that can help them.

Following that line of thinking, I thought it would be worthwhile to add a category called “Resources & Websites” to MoneyBasicsU.  Although most of my Posts include online resources and references, I thought a category designated to the purpose of highlighting websites and resources would be the most convenient for readers.

So, the first website we’re going to visit in this category is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  You may wonder why I selected this government website.  Well, I suppose a part of their Mission Statement influenced me.  It includes:

“…to enhance informed consumer choice.” (1)

One of the underlying purposes of creating MoneyBasicsU is not only to educate you about the basics of money to create wealth but to make you a money-smart consumer.  Knowledge puts you in the position to make good choices about money.  The Federal Trade Commission’s website provides you with articles, videos, a blog, and a number of other resources that will help you build up and protect your bottom line.

While reading the history of the Federal Trade Commission, I have to admit I didn’t realize it went back so far.  The FTC was created in 1914!  Of course, its purpose and reach have broadened since its inception.  But, the FTC’s purpose remains the same – empower the consumer.

Without giving too much away (you’ll visit the FTC in your Homework), below are the main categories on the Consumer Information website:

Money & Credit
Homes & Mortgages
Health & Fitness
Jobs & Making Money
Privacy & Identity

There is a lot of helpful information packed away on the Federal Trade Commission website.  I encourage you to create a “Money Websites” favorite category and save the Federal Trade Commission link as your first favorite.


Visit the Consumer Information website and review the various categories and links at the Federal Trade Commission website.

Also check out some of the videos available through the “Video & Media” link.


(1)  Federal Trade Commission/About Us

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