Federal Trade Commission – Tips on Employee Background Checks

October 11, 2016 | By More
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Federal Trade Commission background checksOver the last few months, I’ve noticed some news stories reporting companies who are eliminating jobs.   The industries run the gambit from financial, retail, to restaurants.  Just this last Sunday morning while reading through my newsfeed, I read that some 250 Disney employees in its consumer products and digital unit lost their jobs. Every time I read these types of reports, I think of the stress and work each of these individuals will face to get another job.

Today, we wanted to revisit one of the issues that consumers in the job seeking mode may forget while focused on just getting a job – background checks.

A prospective employer will run a background check on you.  The results of that background check will be reviewed and possibly impact the outcome of getting the job.

What is included in a background check?  Consider the following:

√  Credit history
√  Criminal record
√  Employment history
√  Driving record

As we have talked about before at MoneyBasicsU, it is easy to access information about your credit history.  (See How to Get a Free Credit Report.)  If your credit report needs to be improved, there are strategies you can take to do it.

With regard to the other points of information to be reviewed, a prospective employee will see this information, so it is best not to try to hide or ignore what your records reflect.  To address the other issues disclosed in a background check, we have provided you the following references to check out regarding criminal record and employment history:

Criminal Record:  The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides the following articles:  Pre-Employment Inquiries and Arrest & Conviction, What You Should Know About the EEOC and Arrest and Conviction Records.

Employment History:  It may prove helpful to review the article Employment Verifications: 4 Best Practices You or Your Background Screening Company Should Follow published in SHRM’s Member Community (Society for Human Resource Management).  The article discusses how employers go about performing an employment history background check on prospective employees.  The article cites a 2014 CareerBuilder survey that states “58% of employers have caught a lie on a resume.”

Let’s face it.  Looking for and landing a job can be stressful enough.  But, it’s important to remember there are some hoops to jump through before you can receive the final welcome from your employer.  We recommend you review the Tips to Read and Homework.  Also, the Employee Background Checks video from the Federal Trade Commission is really worth watching.  It runs 4:41 minutes.

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Tips to Read:

VIDEOEmployee Background Checks, Federal Trade Commission, published on Youtube August 7, 2012

Background Checks: What Job Applicants and Employees Should Know, U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission

Worried About a Background Check, by Sylvia Ho, Monster Contributing Writer, Monster.com


Take a few moments to review Applying for a Job – Your Credit Report and Background Check, which provides additional information about a background check when submitting for a job.

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