How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car

August 17, 2015 | By More
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Tips on fuel economy at the gas pump and your carYou saw what happened last week, didn’t you?  The price of gasoline went up at the gas pump.  For those of you who drive more than a few minutes to work, your expenses just went up.  It’s why we want to provide some tips, article and video shares on the topic of saving money on gas for your car.  Even though it comes down to a matter of cents per gallon, week after week it adds up.  And, since most of us are literally watching every dollar, perhaps some of the following tips can help you out.

From the selection of article shares below, we have gleaned just four ideas for you to consider for saving money on gas.  Check out the following:

√  Shop for the best price
If you’re living in an urban environment, it’s more than likely you have quite a few gas stations along your drive route.  If possible, don’t default to buying gas at your corner station, but comparison shop for the best price on gas along your roadways of travel.  It’s amazing to see the price difference between counties and towns.

√  Days of the week
Have you ever noticed that the price of gas changes depending on the day of the week or if a holiday is forthcoming? Just like the expert coupon clippers do, keep track of the day(s) the price of gas at some of your favorite stations take a slight drop.  According to the Consumer Reports article below, the best day of the week for many U.S. states is during the weekend.

Use a credit card for the financial benefit
Some credit card issuers offer a percentage back on gas purchases.  Verify if any of your current credit cards provide the benefit.  Some offer as much as 3-5 percent back.  Do your research and find the best value.  However, don’t use a card if it requires an annual fee and NEVER carry a balance.  Otherwise, the benefit of purchasing gas on a credit card is eliminated.

Slow down your speed!
Driving a little slower is not only safer, but can literally save you money in gas.  The Consumer Reports article below provides a short video discussing how this works.

√  Turn off the car when sitting still
Have you sat in your car chatting with someone and let it continue running?  According to the Top Ten Misconceptions About Fuel Economy article at, it’s best to turn off the car if it is sitting still.  Clearly, you don’t want to do this while driving in traffic.  But, keep this tip in mind the next time you are talking away the time while in the car.

There are a lot of terrific tips and ideas to help consumers save money on gas.  We encourage you to find out more tips by reviewing the article shares in our Tips to Read.  And, please share with friends and family!

Tips to Read:

Saving Money on Gas, Federal Trade Commission website.

An audio entitled 5 Ways to Save Money on Gas is also available at the FTC website.  You can download the transcript, if you wish.

5 Ways to Save Gas Money, by Stacy Rapacon,, updated January 2015

Tips on How to Save Money on Gas, by Consumer Reports, August 2013

*Although a dated article, the principles discussed are still helpful.


If you want to dig a little deeper to learn about fuel economy, check out the website. An entire section is devoted to saving money with articles on gas mileage tips, a fuel cost calculator, and finding the cheapest gas.

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