Ideas to Save Money on Grocery Costs

September 22, 2014 | By More
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Woman grocery shopping with her kidIf you had seen me at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, you would have noticed me with paper and pen in hand. As a first step in zeroing in on refining my budget, I’ve been price checking against four grocery store chains on every item I purchase.  I want to see how much money I can cut from my grocery costs, even if it’s ten cents here or a dollar there.  It’s been a very interesting process.

No matter how the economy is performing, you and I still want to save every place we can, particularly on the grocery bill.  The ten cents here and the dollar there add up to hundreds over the course of a year.  Along that line of thinking, Kiplinger Online Editor, Cameron Huddleston, shared some helpful food price savings ideas in her Post last week.  In her Post, she also highlighted the following facts:

√ Consumers should anticipate higher prices at the market.
√  “Food prices across the board <will> increase 2.5% in 2015.”

Considering that inflation is running at approximately 2.1 percent and pay raises for 2015 are estimated to average 3 percent, it just makes sense to cut where you can. (1) Check out Huddleston’s article, which provides readers eight ideas to save your hard earned money on food prices.

Tips to Read:

“8 Ways to Beat Rising Food Prices,” by Cameron Huddleston, September 16, 2014. Link Here!


(1)  USA Today: “2015 pay raises expected to be 3% next year,” by Gary Strauss, September 8, 2014. Link Here!


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