Melissa-newton-Career-ChoicAs the Managing Editor of magazine, Melissa enjoys researching and writing on a wide range of money related topics.  Below is a section of books she has written, which have been published through our distributor, Smashwords.

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5 Reminders for Money Smart Living

Isn’t it time to make your dream of financial success happen?

5 Reminders for Money Smart Living gives you a quick review of the top five money issues that impact your bottom line. Each reminder ends with How Do I Start? action steps to help you jump start your new money lifestyle.  Included at the end of the book is a bonus chapter, Advice from the Money Makers, with quotes from Warren Buffett.

Start enjoying the benefits of money smart living – peace of mind, choices, and a secure financial future.

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Published 2014


Look Smart, Be Smart:  How to Create a New Image for a New Job

Do you like your job? Is how you make a living what you thought it would be? Are you one of the millions who got caught in the wave of unemployment?

Look Smart, Be Smart gives you a three step plan to create a new image for a new job. See yourself transform into the confident, smart, and knowledgeable person you always imagined.

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Published 2010


The best practices discussed in The Fiscal Cliff: Are Your Money Safety Nets Ready? still apply in today’s market for the money smart consumer.   

The Fiscal Cliff

Chairman Bernanke of the Federal Reserve and the Congressional Budget Office has warned of the fiscal cliff.   Are you prepared for higher taxes, more unemployment, or a recession if the U.S. “falls over the cliff?”

Prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.  Understand the issues of the fiscal cliff and build your safety nets to protect your financial position now and into the future.

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Published 2012