Money Saving Tip: Take the Time to Ask

September 6, 2016 | By More
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Use a money saving tip to save moneyMost of us are always on the lookout for a money saving tip.  Today, we wanted to talk about a daily money life action that, over time, can save money to your budget in a big way.  I must admit, I’ve found the power of asking to be a valuable tactic, even when the savings is small.  After all, a penny, nickels and quarters do add up over time.  And, how do I know this to be true?  I took the contents of my piggy bank to a coin counter at my bank and received almost $40 in cash.

To illustrate this money saving tip of taking the time to ask, I want to share just two examples I experienced last week.  Now, I’m guessing that you employ these methods already.  But, these short stories are a simple reminder that comes from taking that extra step of asking.  Perhaps while reading these you can think about what tactics you use to save money every day.

1.  I asked to extend a discounted service by one day
There is a car service provider I frequent for the regular maintenance activities.  When I perform my due diligence on pricing compared to their competitors, they typically win my business.  I recently had to have an oil change done.  I checked on their website and noticed a discount special on an oil change.  I called to make the appointment.   Unfortunately, my car could not be serviced until one day after the special was ended.  Since I was a regular customer, and making the appointment prior to the end-date of the special, they honored the discount.

If I hadn’t asked, I would have lost out on the discount.

2.  I asked questions about a new product
Recently, I was investigating a new product at one of the grocery stores I shop at weekly.  It is a higher price point market where I purchase specific items that simply aren’t available at my primary grocery store.  I solicited the help of an employee and peppered her with questions about a particular product.  We chatted.  I learned a lot from her, and she was so friendly.  She then offered me a free sample of the product to take home and try.  (The cost of this item was $5.00.)  I had the chance to give it a try and, of course, I now periodically purchase it.

Now, I do understand the store’s return on their investment of giving away a free product sample.  Lots of retailers use this strategy.  But, here is my argument.  What happens if I dropped $5.00 on this product, got it home, and hated it.  (I know this has likely happened to you before, too!)  In the trash it would go, along with my $5.00.

If I hadn’t asked questions about the product, this unsolicited opportunity for a free sample wouldn’t have happened.

There are many other money saving tips that we can use whether we are shopping, negotiating a deal or salary.  Here is a quick list of four ideas on how to save money starting right now.  The next time you are asking for a service or shopping in the store, use these saving money tips:

Tip #1:  If you don’t have a coupon, ask at the checkout if they have any to offer.

Tip #2:  Check the store or service provider website for specials and deals.  If you can sign up to receive discounts, do so. Provide them an email address that is designated for ONLY receiving these types emails to keep your primary email clean of promos and the like.

Tip #3:  If you’re eligible, take advantage of senior discounts.   (What a great idea from Mark Huffman’s article in our Tips to Read today.)

Tip #4:  The America Saves list of 54 Ways to Save Money suggests talking with your doctor about taking generic drugs.  “Generic drugs can cost several hundred dollars less to purchase annually than brand-name drugs.”

To wrap up today’s discussion, I encourage you to take five minutes and perform a Google keyword search using the phrase “ideas to save money” and review the blogs and articles in the results.  There are gobs of resources to sort through to find ways to save money to your bottom line.  Create a list of ideas that suit your money lifestyle.  But, always remember today’s money saving tip – take the time to ask questions.

Tips to Read:

Asking for a discount is an effective way to save money, by Mark Huffman, Consumer Affairs, March 15, 2016

How to Save Money Just by Asking, by Mel Bondar, U.S. News & World Report, January 21, 2015


Take the opportunity and review some of our Posts on the topics of Ask.  When you incorporate this behavior into your daily money life, it can definitely save you money!

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