Money Smart Week 2015 in DuPage County, Illinois

April 17, 2015 | By More
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Melissa Newton and Jason Alderman, V.P. of Global Financial Education, Visa

Melissa Newton and Jason Alderman, V.P. of Global Financial Education, Visa

I attended the Financial Literacy Summit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  It was a terrific event that kicked off Money Smart Week 2015, which commences Saturday, April 18, 2015.  In another Post, I’ll share some highlights from the three panel discussions which consisted of some very prestigious guests.  But, today I wanted to share a selection of events that are going on in DuPage County (Illinois) for readers in the area.  In today’s Post, we’ll be looking at several special free presentations to be held at Northwood University in Glen Ellyn, Illinois including comments from some of the presenters.

As many readers are aware, I’m active in the financial literacy community here in Chicago.  In 2014, I began participating with Money Smart Week/DuPage as well.  It’s been a terrific experience.  Joe Orsolini is the MSW-DuPage Chairman and we meet at the Northwood University location at 1200 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.  Ann Marie Rosen is the Program Center Manager at Northwood University, and is also active in the MSW-DuPage group.  Ann Marie recently provided me some of her insights into the value of financial literacy, particularly for college students.

Q: As an educator, why is financial literacy more important today than ever before?

Money Smart Week DuPage

Ann Marie Rosen and Joe Orsolini

A: With the increasing expenses that many of us face today, it is important for students to be able to learn to manage their finances in a fiscally responsible manner.

Q: How does having financial literacy help college students during school and after they’ve graduated?

A: Students need to learn financial literacy skills while in college to alleviate the stress associated with the improper handling of personal finances. Properly managing financial resources will allow students to focus on learning, which is a key to student success.

After graduation, financial literacy will help college graduates effectively manage their households which will allow them the opportunity to focus on their family and professional lives. College students and graduates will utilize these financial tools when managing finances and budgets for the organizations they currently serve or will serve in the future.

The value of Money Smart Week is the opportunity of accessing so many free workshops and seminars by the consumer.  As I mentioned, several programs will be going on at Northwood University.  In that regard, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to some of the presenters.

Free money smart week workshops at Northwood University

Luke Cherep

Luke Cherep, from Legal Shield, will be doing a presentation focused on the issues of identity safety.  His program is entitled “Who’s Watching Your Identity”.  I was curious about the types of questions consumers ask him, and these are the main three questions people ask:

How can I better protect my Identity?
How are thieves accessing my information?
Once my information is stolen, how do I restore it?

He also mentioned that some people have had their identity stolen including credit information, social security number and even a parent who had their child’s information taken.

Since identity safety is such a topic of interest to money smart consumers, I asked Luke to offer two tips that can help readers immediately take action to begin protecting their identity.

Tip #1:  Do not let someone use your debit card out of your sight.  An example would be at a restaurant.  Use a credit card for these types of transactions instead.

Tip #2:  Taxpayers and their advisors should be prepared for e-mail scams that use the IRS name. Some demand payments while others promise refunds or request information on you or a payment you’ve made in the past.  They want your name, social security number, bank account numbers, and other identifying details.  It is these details that allow them to accomplish anything from printing fake checks, taking control of your checking account, or even filing a false tax return and collecting a refund in your name.

Laura LaBelle, a LFE Institute Certified Instructor and Money Coach, will be presenting several programs during Money Smart Week also.  These include “Latest Financial Traps to Avoid” and “Stretch Your Dollars…Without Budgeting”.  I had met Laura at a Money Smart Week presentation she gave at the Naperville Public Library in 2014.  Laura is quite busy giving workshops, including a special program for our military service people.  I did ask her to give readers some insights into the “Stretch Your Dollars…Without Budgeting” program.

Q: Can you provide a few comments about why this program will be so valuable to attendees and why it’s a program not to be missed!

Money Smart Week events at Northwood University

Laura LaBelle

A: Nobody likes to budget and everyone would like more money to spend each month.  You’ll learn how to plug the financial leaks with our simple 3 step system – our alternative to budgeting!  Identify what type of spender you are and discover how you can avoid family conflict when there are different types of spenders in your family.  Past workshop attendees have saved or found, on average, over $350 per month using the techniques we cover.  

You’ll get all the tools you need when you attend so you can immediately start putting what you learned into practice when you leave!  Whether you’re living pay check to pay check, are just starting out or already retired, every consumer can benefit from stretching your dollars!

As a bonus for our readers, check out LFE Institute’s Money Minute flier “Insider Tips to Cut Healthcare Costs” for some in-depth yet practical ideas to identify ways to save money on your healthcare costs that ultimately impact to your bottom line.

Money Smart Week begins tomorrow, and there are many excellent workshops and programs that you as a money smart consumer can enjoy for FREE!  If you live in the DuPage County, Illinois area, check out the programs the above presenters will be doing.  These and many others can be accessed at the Money Smart Week website.  Simply select your state, topic, and browse through the dates.

Hope you can take advantage of attending a Money Smart Week event!





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