Princess or Pauper

Princess or Pauper Women Can Secure Their Financial FutureDid you know that women face unique financial situations in the different stages of their lives as compared to men?

Melissa Newton, Managing Editor of magazine, published a white paper in 2011 that outlined 12 issues that impact women.  Since its publication, it has been the most frequently downloaded document of all her work.

Are Women Securing Their Financial FutureSince a book can only hold so much space, and in order to broaden the discussion to include detailed Posts and interviews with Influencers and industry experts on topics women want to know about, MoneyBasicsU has added an exciting new category to the magazine – MoneySmart Women.

We invite you to give Princess or Pauper:  Are Women Securing Their Financial Future?  a read as a jump start.

MoneyBasicsU is looking forward to sharing the resources and information money smart women are seeking to ramp up their money lifestyle.  By working together as a community, financially minded women can find the solutions to welcome a new era of monetary independence for women today and into the future.