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January 24, 2017 | By More
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Pew Charitable TrustLast week in our Post Money Smart Tips for Banking in 2017, we provided some important updates on changes coming to the banking industry.  We thought it would be valuable to continue the banking discussion. After all, your bank is in many ways the center of your money lifestyle.  Everything from your paycheck or client payments to paying bills comes through your bank.

We wanted to bring an interesting website resource to your attention.  It is the Pew Charitable Trust’s consumer banking project.  Below is the description of the purpose of this project:

“Pew’s consumer banking project studies the accounts that Americans rely on every day to manage their finances, including checking accounts, prepaid cards, and mobile payments.”

The purpose is to build “partnerships with key stakeholders to advocate for effective consumer protections” and create a “level playing field in the financial marketplace.”  Let’s take a moment and highlight some of the information you will find at Pew’s website:

Research and analysis
For money smart consumers who want to dig a little deeper, there are over a hundred pages of blog articles reporting on issues that impact the consumer in the area of money.  Many topics such as overdrafts, pre-dispute arbitration, mobile payments, and much more are shared.

√  Multimedia Category
If you enjoy reviewing information at a glance, this category offers a multiplicity of ways data can be consumed.  These include infographics, video, and surveys.  Check out this video talking about mobile payments.

For consumers who are active in the social media world, you can follow Pew on Facebook.  Also, you can sign up for their enewsletter.  They also publish a quarterly news magazine that you can read directly online.  Of last note, you will see on their home page the other projects Pew is involved including Small Dollar Loans, Financial Security and Mobility, and Retirement Savings.

Seems really overwhelming, doesn’t it?  As we have talked about before on MoneyBasicsU, there is a tremendous volume of content related to financial literacy, money, and banking available on the Internet.  Our job is to send you to resources that are safe and make sense.

I encourage you to take a few moments and browse the above resource provided by Pew. In addition, if you are not familiar with their Pew Research Center, which offers a vast amount of data in surveys and reports, I suggest you check that resource out as well.

There are way too many events and decisions being made today in the areas of banking and money to not remain updated.  We encourage you to share today’s Post with friends and family.  Only with knowledge can each of us continue to be money smart consumers!

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