Saving Money Tips for Grocery Shopping

February 28, 2017 | By More
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saving money tips, grocery shoppingWhen I look at my budget, the one item that skyrocketed this year was medical insurance.  As a result, I’m back to looking closely at ideas on how to save money on grocery bill costs and other expenditures. I’ve tweaked my money-saving grocery list by purchasing some items ONLY when I can do so with a coupon or when the item is on sale.  Since I’m guessing that some of you are also looking for saving money tips on your grocery shopping, we wanted to revisit this topic.  We have some updated article shares in our Tips to Read for you to check as well.

Before we give you some money saving tips, I did want to share an interesting report that crossed my path while researching this topic.  It was published by the Food Marketing Institute.  The U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends, 2016 report highlighted what it called a “fundamental shift” in how consumers shop.  The reason this is important is that it may impact you.  Check out these points:

√ 58 percent of shoppers are “engaging in some amount of co-shopping.”  (In other words, shopping with another person.)
√ Digital tools are being used more when planning grocery store trips.
√ Co-shopping may prevent “addressing pain points such as spending more and/or buying more than necessary.

I’m sure you immediately see the value of the two findings addressed above.  Let’s take a moment to discuss them:

Issue #1:  Are other people shopping with you?
Have you ever noticed that when others are shopping with you (spouse, kids, etc.), other “fun” things find their way into the cart.  Let’s be honest.  It’s these little extras that can add a lot to your grocery shopping expense.  The only way to avoid this outcome is figure out how to do the grocery shopping alone.  If not, we have some tips list below that may help.

Issue #2:  Are you using a digital too to plan your grocery shopping?
I see more shoppers using their smartphone while they shop.  And, it’s not talking on the phone. They are using apps and lists to stay organized and on target with their budget.  Whether you are using an app or old-fashioned grocery list, you can save a lot of surprise expenses by grocery shopping from a list.

Let’s look at a list of updated saving money tips so you can manage your grocery bill better.  While reading through these, think about what has worked for you.

Tip #1:  Can you and your co-shopper create a master grocery list and split the shopping?  An example would be one of you shop for the fresh items (fruits, veges) and frozen items.  The other shopper picks up the canned goods and dairy items.

Tip #2:  Based on your budget, determine ahead of time what “fun” items can be purchased. (Keep in mind.  Grocery stores are designed to encourage impulse buying. Plan ahead and avoid being tempted to buy on impulse.)

Tip #3:  Don’t go to the store hungry.  Nothing more to be said on this tip!

Tip #4:  Pay attention to when particular items always go on sale.

Tip #5:  If you shop organic, verify if the store brand also offers organic. Some stores provide this option, and it is typically cheaper.

Tip #6:  ONLY buy what you eat, not what coupon is available. The item will get stuck sitting on your shelf and go uneaten.

Tip #7:  Do some old-fashioned, over the stovetop, cooking.  Make homemade soup where you can purchase the packages of dried pea, lentil, or beans for super cheap and get several meals out of it.  If your budget is REALLY tight, stick to simple seasonings, onion, and garlic.  This type of soup is delicious, healthy, and saves you big time on cash.  (My grandmother fixed beans and cornbread from scratch all the time during the Great Depression of the 1930s!)

Today’s Post touches on just a few saving money tips for your grocery shopping.  I really encourage you to check out our Tips to Read and Homework to hit the refresh button on this spending portion of your household budget.  Every dime counts and adds up over time.  If you know of someone who can benefit from today’s money saving tips, please share today’s Post.

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For those interested at digging deeper into some stats, check out the report we referenced in today’s blog from The Food Marketing Institute.  The report, U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends, 2016, provides trends and data about how we shop.


U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends, 2016, The Food Marketing Institute, 2016

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