Savings Ideas for 2017

February 7, 2017 | By More
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America saves weekThere are some truths about personal finances that money smart consumers already know.  It’s the topic of savings.  Every time we identify ways to save money to our bottom line, our checking account increases.  As our checking account increases, our choices increase. And, in the end, the ability to have choices is everything!  In a world that grows ever more complex in the areas of personal finances, banking, investing, and consumer protections, it becomes more critical that we take command of our money in all aspects of our financial life personal and in business.  Don’t depend on anyone to do it for you.

The challenge, of course, is because of money’s increasing complexity there is more and more to learn all the time.  As we have often discussed at MoneyBasicsU, it’s important to set up your learning systems to constantly ramp up your knowledge base.  It is why we have provided many blogs that provide reputable resources to help you – some of which are included in our Resources & Websites category.

Since American Savings Week is coming at the end of the month, we did want to provide some additional savings resources for our readers.  Below is a listing of news articles we have curated for you to review.  If you have read some other articles you have found valuable, we invite you to share them on MoneyBasicsU’s Facebook.

The 7 Easiest Ways to Save Money in 2017
10 saving-money tips for 2017: Make it the year you finally get serious about saving
How to Become an Extreme Saver in 2017
Saving on a Tight Budget
7 ways to save money on a low income

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