Savings Ideas for America Savings Week 2017

February 21, 2017 | By More
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America Saves Week gives ideas for saving moneyWe enjoy the topic of savings here at MoneyBasicsU, and it’s why we want to highlight it to our readers that it is America Savings Week from February 27 – March 3 this year. It is a relatively new initiative, which was created by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council in 2007. Although today’s Post is for consumers, we do want to mention that organizations can get involved in this super initiative.  If you or your organization wants to get involved in a Savings Week campaign either for your employees or the community, see the “For Organizations” on their website, even if you need to implement next year.

Now, let’s provide our money smart readers some factoids about America Savings Week 2017:

√  Visit the America Savings Week website and review the drop down menu of 10 topics.  Some of the topics include setting a goal, planning, automatic saving, and savings tools and resources. It provides a good resource for starting a program.

√  Take the savings pledge.  You can complete the form directly on their website.

√  Check out their blog.  We liked the variety of topics discussed including Simple tips for saving money every day and Tax Scammers Target Might Target You: Here’s What to Do.

Following the theme of saving, we would like to provide some additional reading resources to help you with saving. The reality is that saving money as part of our daily lifestyle can be difficult.  At best for many of us, there simply isn’t a lot of money left over after paying the bills and other financial obligations. Yet, in addition to putting together a strategy for increasing your revenue stream, saving must be part of your overall money program.  Look at these articles from previous Posts for some additional tips:

3 Reasons Walking Saves You Money
How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car
Buying Online Saves Small Business Big Money
Teaching Kids About Saving & Money

Let me also offer you several Google search tips.  When searching for articles to give you savings tips, use specific keywords like “ways to save money” or “savings tips for college students.”  If you want savings tips for shopping at a specific retailer, type in the name after your keywords.  An example would be “ways to save money at (insert retailer).

Keep in mind not to limit your search to the “All” category at the top of the Google results.  Browse the results in their other categories:  News and Video.  Let me give you an example.  When I typed “savings tips,” I checked the News category and the story 10 tips for saving money (and your sanity) at Costco and big box stores was listed.

There is a lot of good information available for money smart consumers to create a super savings program for themselves.  We have only touched on a couple of ways.  We encourage you to check out the America Saves website during the upcoming America Savings Week initiative.  At the least, it will inspire you with the resources they provide to either get started or refine your savings program.

We encourage you to share today’s Post with friends and family.  After all, each of us wants to enjoy a more financially comfortable money life!

Tips to Read:

Stop by and visit the America Saves website.  Specifically check out the “For Savers” drop down menu for a selection of topics to help you refine how you save money in your money life.

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