The Federal Reserve and You Video Series

July 23, 2013 | By More
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Federal Reserve & You Video SeriesWhen I was a kid in Brownies, one of my favorite activities was field trips.  Our troop got to go to the coolest places.  I still remember the smell of freshly baked bread after visiting the place where Wonder Bread was made.  I don’t remember eating a sample, but my mother said we did.  Young people of this generation visit interesting locales, too.  I’ve heard of kids visiting the zoo, historic sites, even places like the retail Microsoft Store.  I have to commend the free programs they offer to children’s organizations and groups in their communities to introduce youngsters to technology.

With that said, I wanted to introduce you to a nifty tool, not just for adults, but for students.  In fact, if you’re an educator reading this Post, I encourage you to share this information with your students for extra credit work.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia* has a terrific video series called The Federal Reserve & You.  It consists of eight videos that discuss the Federal Reserve, its history, and other items of interest.  The length of each video depends per section.  An example is Video 1, which discusses the structure of the Federal Reserve, the payment system, its goals, and the role played today in the U.S. money system.

In fact, below is the title of each section: (1)

Video 1:  The Federal Reserve & You
Video 2:  History of Central Banking in the United States
Video 3:  Money and Banking 101
Video 4:  Monetary Policy
Video 5:  The Payments System
Video 6:  Supervision and Regulation
Video 7:  A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Key Questions
Video 8:  More Takes on the Federal Reserve (includes Ben Bernanke, Chairman)

*One of the 12 bank districts for the Federal Reserve.

What I like about this series is that it’s educational, but fairly easy to digest if you’re not familiar with the U.S. banking system.  This can be particularly important for individuals who are students or new to the bank system.  The Federal Reserve is part of the backbone of the banking system, and it’s important to understand its role.  As I’ve mentioned before, if you intend to be a member of the New Rich, you have to participate in the U.S. banking system.

We will be talking again about the Federal Reserve in the future but thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to this topic.


I encourage you to check out the FREE online video series available at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia .  If you don’t have the time to review each video now, please watch at least Videos 1-3 so you have a working understanding of the Fed.  Keep on your list to watch all eight videos in the future.





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