Tweak Your Life Guide in 2017

January 10, 2017 | By More
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Tweak Lifestyle in 2017When reviewing the Business section of the Chicago Tribune earlier this month, I read an article I wanted to share with our readers. Written by Rhett Power and published in Inc., he provided a checklist of 10 items that the sub-headline reads, “Set the tone for the year with a few manageable goals.  (I have provided a link to the article below in Tips to Read.)  I encourage you to check out this quick read.

The reason Power’s article caught my attention is that it wasn’t solely focused on personal finances. I’ll be the first to admit that, in my opinion, the areas of financial literacy and personal finance are super important to enjoy a better overall lifestyle.  But, we all know that our daily lives can be richer and more enjoyable when it is well-rounded with a variety of interests, self-care, and knowledge growth in other areas.

Powers points out suggestions like cleaning up the digital part of your life.  When was the last time you deleted old emails, purged and backed up your contacts?  With so many of us plugged in to the digital world, that space can get crowded and disorganized.  Nothing dials down the stress and helps you feel more in control than being in control of digital space.

I took the opportunity to review some of our past Posts on other tips and ideas to make positive changes in our life.  Let me share these below.  If you haven’t read them in a while, it will provide a great review:

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What are some of the changes you want to make to tweak your life in 2017?

Tips to Read:

10 Ways to Start 2017 Off Right, by Rhett Power, Inc., (printed in Chicago Tribune January 2, 2017)

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